February 12th, 2019

Лето 2018: белка из Ледникового периода

1 класс, свободная программа.

I am a boy
And I have a toy.
It is a cat
in a pretty hat.

The cat likes fish,
Big fish is his wish.
When he goes to the sea,
Lots of fish he can see.

My frog likes meat,
But, of course not to eat.
It eats the flies,
That find meat nice. (или Who find meat nice - ?)

Может ещё допишу - жалко, тетрадки перед глазами нет. Прям хоть на дом забирай...

Добавлю сюда же старого.
Тоже 1 класс, свободная программа:

Rabbit lives in a little house,
He wants a carrot from Santa Claus.
He draws the carrot he wants to eat:
He likes carrots, he hates meat.

Второй класс, Enjoy english.

The elephant is strong,
His nose is very long,
Дальше забыла :-( Два года прошло, а Полина тетрадку потеряла. Хнык.